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Computer Support

  • Need help understanding complicated or nonsensical computer jargon? In-home or remote support is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

  • If your computer is running slow or seems haggard, we can update software, upgrade hardware, clean, and restore what's needed to give your box a bit more life.

  • Looking for the right off-the-shelf computer but don't know what is right for you? Consultation services are available to help you find the best computer for you, then help you afterwards with support and troubleshooting.

  • Sometimes off-the-shelf computers just don't work how you want them to? We can build your computer for your needs from servers to work stations, gaming to design, or with a budget in mind.

Smart Home

  • Converting your home into a smart system can be daunting. We work with you from the beginning of concept and ideas to installation and setup. Afterwards, we'll make sure you know how to manage your new ecosystem from top to bottom. Don't worry though, we'll still be here to help if you get lost.

  • There are many options for assistants and hubs like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IoT Hubs like Nest, Zigbee, and more. Which to choose depends on your history and comfort level, but is something we'll talk about in length.

  • There's a plethora of smart devices you could incorporate including; lights, doorbell, cameras, thermostat, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water sensors, glass break sensors, HVAC vents, door locks and sensors, garage door, sprinklers, and more.

Security Cameras

  • Along side access control, security cameras are the next step in managing any building and protecting everything inside. Installing the best bang for your buck depends heavily on finances and is the starting point when considering a new system.

  • Security camera systems can range wildly from 1 camera to as many as your budget allows. Costs can change even more depending on the type of camera and its features such as night vision, resolution, audio, movement, pan or tilt, field of view, and more.

  • In addition to choice of cameras, is the decision of storage and video retention. The amount of cameras compared to the length of time footage is kept decides how big a server you need, for the most part.

Cloud Backup

  • Protect your computer files forever with unlimited cloud backup. Easily access and share through the online portal or app. We can help setup your solution and educate you along the way.


  • Get a custom domain quickly and simply. Setup and management is provided, so you don't have to worry. If you need a website as well, we can help design a build a well rounded experience with user friendly controls.

Access Control

  • We're able to advise, install, and manage your current or future access control system. Badges, readers, locks, exit sensors, and more for a secure and easy security solution. Hardwired server control or fully wireless and cloud managed systems available.

Intrusion Detection

  • Protect and monitor your home or business with an always on security system. Locally or cloud controlled for peace of mind and simplicity. Doors, windows, garages, smoke, carbon monoxide, water, motion detection, and more.



$50/Hour Standard

30 Minute Minimum

$75/Hour Non-Standard

Nights & Weekends (6pm-8am)

$100/Hour Emergency

24 Hour Unplanned Response


Free Initial Consultation

Site inspection and project expectations are included.

Referral Discounts

Get 25% off a single service at standard hours for every billed customer you refer.
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$80/Hour Standard

60 Minute Minimum

$120/Hour NonStandard

Nights & Weekends (6pm-8am)

$160/Hour Emergency

24 Hour Unplanned Response


Business 6-Month Terms

5% Off | 10 Hours

Standard Hours, $760/Mo

10% Off | 20 Hours

Standard Hours, $1440/Mo

15% Off | 30 Hours

Standard Hours, $2040/Mo

20% Off | 40 Hours

Standard Hours, $2560/Mo

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