Support & Repair

Troubleshooting, custom builds, and more.
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Need help understanding complicated or nonsensical computer jargon? In-home or remote support is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

If your computer is running slow or seems haggard, we can update software, upgrade hardware, clean, and restore what's needed to give your box a bit more life.

Free Initial Consultations

Looking for the right computer but don't know what to pick? Consultation is available to help find the best computer for you, with troubleshooting and support afterwards.

Sometimes store computers just aren't what you're looking for. We can build what you need from servers to work stations, gaming to design, or with a budget in mind.

Smart home systems can be daunting. From concept to installation, we're here for you. A plethora of devices could be incorporated including; lights, thermostat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, water and glass break sensors, vents, garage door, sprinklers, and more.

Hourly Cost

$50/Hour Standard

30 Minute Minimum

$75/Hour Non-Standard

Nights & Weekends (6pm-8am)

$100/Hour Emergency

24 Hour Unplanned Response


Free Initial Consultation

Site inspection and project expectations are included.

Referral Discounts

Get 25% off a single service at standard hours for every billed customer you refer.
Provide a MrFieldTech business card during consultation for 25% off your first service or project at standard hours.

Looking For Commercial Solutions?

Fully Managed IT, Network Infrastructure, Access Control, Security Surveillance, & More.

View our commercial customer page for services and pricing.

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